►Cash On Delivery

Pay Cash On Delivery to the Courier employee who will deliver your order. 

Cash On Delivery is charged 3,00 €.

Note: Cash On Delivery is not valid as a payment method for orders outside Cyprus.


► Payment at a Music Gallery Store

If you choose to pick up your order from a Music Gallery Store you can select one of the following 2 options:

  • Cash Payment
  • Payment by Credit Card (one charge)

Note: Your credit card will be charged at the store (not online).


► Online Payment by Credit Card / Debit Card

Fill in the necessary data (credit card type, credit card number, date of expiration, CVC and credit card holder’s full name) and go on with your purchase. For your own security Music Gallery L.T.D cooperates with JCC PAYMENT SYSTEMS L.T.D which ensures a safe environment for your online transactions.

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Dinners and American Express. All installments are interest-free. The number of installments is shown below:


► By Bank Deposit

Select one of the following bank accounts to proceed with your deposit:

Alpha Bank :


IBAN:  CY60009002090002091010084783


In order to dispatch your order the soonest possible please send us a copy of your deposit by e-mail to info@musicgallery.com.cy .  Please mention on the transfer receipt your full name and your order number mentioned on the order confirmation e-mail.